Friday, October 09, 2009

Baristagate Continues in Washington State

A barista in Puyallup Washington was arrested and charged with indecent exposure when she was seen outside the Bikini Bottom Espresso stand wearing only a bottom and pasties.
"I saw her out of the corner of my eye," said Robin Whitten of Olympia. "I hadn’t approached the stand yet, and you could see boob, and of course a bikini bottom, and I said, 'No way! This chick is not standing out there with no shirt on.'"
Naturally, Whitten called the cops because everyone knows that female breasts are dangerous to children and small furry animals.

Since the woman was wearing pasties on her nipples, it's unclear whether or not she was technically violating any indecent exposure laws. According to the Naturist Action Committee, the laws in Washington state are pretty vague. Perhaps Paul Rapoport of TERA will have something to add to this.


The Naked Lens said...

Good lord the idiocy continues to stun me. Forget about the man being mugged arrest that woman for having pasties!

What a waste of law enforement's time.

thomas said...

Travel Channel featured Cowgirls Espresso today on Extreme Fast Food. While this is not the same as the coffee place in Everett, it was interesting to see in actual operation.