Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warning: The Following Video Contains Adult Material



Expecting some porn? No, it's just the WJLA TV segment on breast self examinations which show actual female breasts on camera, uncensored. The reporter also warns that "the images are going to be graphic" and that viewer discretion is advised.

Dr. Rapoport at TERA addresses the issue:
We think Lauren Albright, the subject in the video, did a great thing, and we empathize fully with her in this situation. Thousands, perhaps millions, of women are prepared to do the same. If they haven't done so, it's only because of a monstrously foolish Federal Communications Commission that has put repressive ideology before the public good in declaring the glimpse of women's nipples harmful and to be removed from all basic network broadcasts under threat of huge fines.

WJLA produced a good broadcast that was nonetheless marred by claiming it was adult material, containing "revealing," "graphic" images of someone "unclothed." In case viewers didn't understand what a "full breast examination" meant, they were advised that Albright took "the extraordinary step of baring herself."
The Washington DC station is an ABC affiliate, and "Good Morning America" covered the breast exam story by censoring the images and providing the nonsensical "pro and con" arguments which plague most newscasts these days.
"It could be done on a model or mannequin. It can be done through diagrams. … This is exploiting women in order to exploit the audience," said Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America, a conservative group that promotes biblical values. "It's pretty clear that there's one point in doing this, and that is to try and increase their ratings."

Others say the series does the public a great service.
"Others say". Sounds like Fox News, deosn't it? Look, there's not always a 50-50 split on all issues. I swear if the Manson killings happened today the 24 hour news people would be falling all over themselves to present a "balanced" view of the events.

It's as clear as an azure sky that in an era where medical costs are out-of-control, and 45 million people are without health insurance, that we all need to be in tune with our own bodies and not fear the mere sight of body parts, in person or on TV.

The FCC needs to be challenged on these twisted censorship issues, and stations like WJLA who show a little courage in the face of irrational restrictions need to stop apologizing.

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