Friday, October 09, 2009

The Century Project Comes to Oregon

Dr. Paul Rapoport passed on this article about Frank Cordelle's The Century Project, which is supportive, but the real interest is in the comments, which reek of vitriol and ignorance. A taste:
At its root, the pornography industry and those who sell access to pictures of women's naked bodies is about making money without regard for the consequences to the objectified images it deals in. The pictures you are selling access to continue to convince people that women and girls images can be bought and sold. That is evil. That harms the society in which we live. Please stop.
This comment is from John Forbert, who apparently has tried to block every exhibition of the project, all unsuccessfully. It's sad that so many people view any image of a nude child as being either pornographic or exploitative, and it's indicative of a society which has sexualized and objectified the human body to unhealthy levels.


thomas said...

I'm a little surprised at the response to this exhibit although I doubt many of the responders have actually seen the exhibit they dislike so much and certainly have not read the stories which accompany ther photos. Where I have a problem, is that I just don't see Art Galleries and Museums as hotbeds of activity for child molesters and sexual predators. At least I've never sen any there. I would guess by now they're all on their way to Everett for a cup of coffee

Paul Rapoport said...

One of John Foubert's problems, as I've noted elsewhere, is his malicious jealousy of men who have better ideas than he does and succeed with them. Hence his hatred for Frank Cordelle and The Century Project. Of course, Foubert wouldn't admit to his own inability, because no one is supposed to know.

He invented a rape prevention program that, while having a few merits, is super-violent and based in part on nonsense. Then he evaluated it himself and declared it the best thing of its kind.

Foubert sees himself as the saviour of women, which means he knows better than they do what's good for them. He preys on their fears; his controlling program thrives on his attempts to keep them afraid.

As a liar and bully, he constantly blames others for doing what he does. Unsurprisingly, he craves attention but often gets a sort he doesn't like.