Thursday, October 22, 2009

Virginia Cops Engage Children to Build Their Case Against Naked Coffee Guy

This reporter says that police sent letters home with local school children in an effort to find out if anyone else saw Eric Williamson naked in his own home. This is getting more bizarre and frightening by the hour.


Academic Naturist said...

As-if the constant news coverage isn't enough, do they really need to go door-to-door and get children involved? How many tax dollars are going into this? Is going this all-out the normal thing to do? The cops must be very bored.

I'm glad the cops are telling all the kids that people go naked in their own homes. It might have an effect later on when they realize how dumb this whole ordeal is.

If this guy really was exposing himself on purpose, I'm quite sure that one of the kids would've snapped a pic on their cell phone by now and giggled about it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the witch hunt is on. If this guy is convicted for just being naked in his own house then all liberties we take for granted are up for grabs. Next they will arrest you for just saying the word penis where someone else could have heard it.

Jarbig said...

zomg, this guy was naked AND drunk in his own house? *gasp* How dare he!