Monday, October 05, 2009

Beautiful Bathers

Via Body Impolitic comes this link to the award-winning work of photographer Jennette Williams. From the artist's note:
When I reflect on the photographs, these quiet moments of shared sensual experience, of community, seem punctuated by an element of outrageousness. The sight of women unabashedly at ease in displaying their bodies transformed by age, circumstance, and gravity is hardly commonplace. This only happens when women are living in rather than fighting against their bodies.
Wow, that's a powerfully honest and astute statement. This is what nudists and naturists aspire to, a life where nudity can be commonplace, communal, natural, healthy, comfortable, ordinary, uninhibited, and for all ages. Bravo to Jennette Williams for her transformative work with the beautiful ladies in Budapest.

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Delfin Amante said...

What a beautiful set of pictures!