Saturday, October 03, 2009

Rejected by Nudist Clubhouse

This photo of me in 1955 was rejected by Nudist Clubhouse. According to moderator Brian, "our merchant account (Visa and Mastercard) will not allow photos of anyone under the age of 18, nude or clothed." Nude or clothed? Since when is any photo of a clothed child subject to this perverse censorship?

This sweet photo is allowed on Flickr:

There are thousands of lovely photographs of parents and their children on Flickr, many of them nudes. They are not pornographic, indecent, or inappropriate whatsoever.

What does it say about any organization that professes to call itself "nudist", yet rejects the most innocent of childhood pictures? Nudist Clubhouse is directly affiliated with AANR, which boasts on its website:
There’s probably no better recommendation for nude recreation than the high spirits of children and families at AANR clubs. Even non-nudist parents know how difficult it can be to keep youngsters from running around the house naked. Kids usually take to our clubs like ducks to water, joyfully running, playing, and splashing without a stitch on. No sandy swimsuits to bog them down. Best of all, when it’s time to clean up, a bath is just a hop, skip, and a jump in the nearest lake or shower.
All the hysteria over innocent childhood photos, including the case of the couple in Arizona who had their kids taken away for a month over nude vacation snapshots, is causing us to look at our own children through the eyes of a pedophile. Perversity is in the mind of the beholder.

I've left Skinbook and TrueNudists because they were basically meat markets. I've been giving Nudist Clubhouse a chance, and it turns out they are not much better, rejecting family values and accepting many photos from members that are nothing more than exhibitionist crotch shots like here, here, here and here. Where I once speculated that these online nudist social networks were going to be a positive influence in the future of nudism, I now believe that they are doing more harm than good.

It's like Caliente and Paradise Lakes, setting aside traditional nudist and naturist family values and going for the titillation factor, associating with swinger's groups or bringing in nude models to draw in male voyeurs and their wallets, and both leaving AANR as a consequence.

This is not a matter for negotiation, AANR, and you cannot have it both ways. On one hand you embrace children into the nudist lifestyle, and on the other you reject them outright. If you cannot stand by your principles, you haven't any.
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Anonymous said...

Your better off not being on "Nudist Clubhouse." Brian is just a wolf in nudist guise. Let's face it, he's just a fancy pic trader. I was once on NC and reported many people who were doing inappropriate things. Nothing happened. When I pressed one of the MODS, I was told that they don't like to MOD people because they would quit and thus they would lose money. That's why I'm not very happy with online nudism, whole lot of YUCK!

LadyDanielle Zana said...

I think this is shocking and ignorant... but it is noticeable why it would be a male person inflicting authoritative abuse over you, because most times they are ignorant and think more binary than feeling what is natural from their consciousness. It is a nudist/naturalist community , nudity overall should not be an issue nor seen as "sexual" but a natural state of being. I just dont know when the society of this planet would ever wake up, and the mind programming enforced by law, politics and religion had done a bloody good job creating ignorance and manufacturing perversion.