Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pros and Cons on Posing Nude

Not to be taken too seriously, but interesting nonetheless, the London Evening Standard has a pro and con argument online about whether or not it's unreasonable for a guy to be opposed to his girlfriend posing nude for an art class. Esther says:
You've obviously never been to a life drawing class. Let me describe the scene. Your girlfriend will be lying on a musty chaise-longue, which has been draped in a sheet “for texture”...I can't really imagine a more un-erotic scene involving a naked body.
And Nirpal says:
Posing nude, in any circumstances, is merely exhibitionism....From the nude studies I've seen my artist friends make, the people who pose for them are generally flabby and unattractive, with wildly excessive body hair.
And this lame back and forth is supposedly between two "sexperts". Ultimately, Esther is right. Art classes are the opposite of erotic. And Nirpal is just a jerk.

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