Friday, October 16, 2009

The Face of Nudism?

Florida radio station owner Doug Wilhite was arrested and accused of having sexual activity with a minor. Up to seven teens are possible victims.
The mix of boys and girls said they did not have sex with Wilhite, but claimed he paraded around his house naked, offered them alcohol, showed pornographic movies and encouraged them to have sex with each other so he could watch.

Five of the seven said they got naked in front of Wilhite, at his insistence. Some also said they played pool in the nude at his house, while others said Wilhite said "house rules" required them to remove their clothes if they wanted to use his workout room.

One of the girls said she had sex in front of Wilhite, both in his house and in the back seat of his car as Wilhite drove and watched, Davidson said. Two other girls said they had sex with a boy, believing the liaisons were private but instead learned Wilhite was watching.

Others said Wilhite grabbed their buttocks and one claimed he rubbed his genitals against her.
So how does the media label this guy? One story calls him "a self-professed nudist" and says that he "admitted he was a nudist" to investigators. Another story simply refers to Wilhite as "a nudist".

The mere act of not wearing clothes does not make one a nudist, or a naturist, no more than putting on a costume at Halloween makes one Dracula, but the media doesn't care because labeling this creep as a "nudist" makes good headlines, especially in Florida where the clothes-free population is the highest in America.

Concerned nudists and naturists should leave comments on these stories disassociating themselves from this man's behavior.

UPDATE: Thank you Fox Orlando for writing a story about this man and not referring to him as a "nudist".

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