Thursday, October 01, 2009

Nudists Told to Cover Up

Although residents of Glen Echo Family Nudist Park in Ontario have been given a full year to vacate by a Landlord and Tenant Board ruling, they are being forced to put on clothing by the spiteful owners, and if they don't, the police will be called.
The owner's latest gambit in his dispute with tenants over the sale was based on his lawyer's argument at the hearing that leasehold regulations do not permit discrimination.

That would mean limiting membership to nudists violates human rights codes, (lawyer Jack) Rosati said.
Excuse me, but wouldn't limiting membership to textiles also violate "human rights codes"? Seems to me that the nudists have a clear discrimination case here. Interesting story which could have long-term ramifications.

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M.C.Glover said...

hmm, what if they don't limit it to nudists? wouldn't that take care of the human-rights problem?