Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Book Portrays Nudists as Swingers

Is it fact or fiction? This review doesn't say whether the book "Would You Like to Sleep With My Wife" is a memoir, or a fabrication.
Former Tampa resident Tom Kelly details his journey into the swinger world as a single male in Would you like to sleep with my wife. Kelly’s adventure begins after leaving an unhappy relationship with a fanatic girlfriend in attempt to quell his desire to be constantly surrounded by naked women. This ultimately leads him to a management position at a nudist resort frequented by swingers...The book ends with an almost unbelievable account of oral sex in a pool full of naked swingers.
So I then looked it up on Barnes & Noble and found a synopsis.
Would You Like to Sleep With My Wife? is a satirical novel based on true events and the lifestyle of Tom Kelly, a young man who, on his quest for self-fulfillment, stumbles into a nudist swinger culture.

At the age of twenty-five, Tom Kelly decides he's had enough of northern Virginia and heads to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where his half-witted girlfriend, Denise, offers him a place to stay. Born to long-time nudist parents, Tom has become what one might call an expert at viewing the naked body at many different angles. After spending two unfulfilling months in Ft. Lauderdale, Tom decides to pursue his shallow dream of immersing himself in a nudist colony and ends up in the city of Lust-more specifically at the gates of Naked World Resorts and Spa. Tom snags a management job at the resort, and as he is thrown headfirst into the world of swingers, closet swingers, and wannabe-swingers, he begins to find himself knee-deep in all sorts of sticky and humorous situations.

Would You Like to Sleep With My Wife? is full of laugh-out-loud surprises and eroticism, all while offering an intriguing and fascinating glimpse into the swinger way of life.
A novel "based" on true events. Hey, more power to Tom Kelly for pursuing his dreams, but this is yet more terrible PR for nudism.


Academic Naturist said...

Hey! They wrote about about Caliente?

Does it include a chapter about being dropped from all affiliated naturist organizations and generally being regarded as trash by actual naturists?

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that a book about a regular nudist resort might be looked upon as terrible PR by swingers? If you want to be free to be nudists, it might be a good idea to refrain from gratuitous negative comments about other marginalized minorities.

Nudiarist said...

Anonymous, if you ever actually read my blog you will know that I have a live and let live attitude towards swingers. What I object to is the hijacking of the term "nudism", not the swinger lifestyle itself.

Brian said...

Nudiarist, this is exactly what you've asked for again and again - a clear separation in the media between naturists and swingers. The review and the synopsis clearly diffentiate between the two, especially with the line, "...pursue his shallow dream of immersing himself in a nudist colony and ends up in the city of Lust..."

Nudiarist said...

Brian, you must be reading a synopsis for a different book. This review and synopsis clearly links nudism with the swinger lifestyle. Anyone reading this will conclude that if they are looking for traditional nudism, they will end up in a swingers resort instead.